How To Close The Deal In MLM with B Complex Drop

How To Close The Deal In Network Marketing

Not only word hard but also word smart on your bunch of prospects on the fence?

WITHOUT being pushy, here will show you how to push those people over the fence .

Let your prospect excited to actually work with you, instead by using different techniques and different tactics.  Most of experienced salesperson predict 99.9% of exclaim the closing the most import part. If you are competent at closing prospects, your network marketing business will grow massive. but some people would even go so far as to say that a great close can overcome any mediocre or even a bad presentation

You will discover that every people have a method which will match with own personality. Some will use humor while others ar best off employing a professional deportment. But no matter what your style is, there are some aspects about closing every network marketer should understand and follow.

First step of Closing: Mindset

After or during your presentation and close, There are many reasons a person will say no. The majority of reasons will have nothing to do with you as a person. Do not become showing emotion connected to the result of your presentation and close. That if someone says no, they are not looking down on you as a person. People always have same answer or excuse to reject you. It wouldn’t matter who the person is closing them. Main key is keep at good mindset. Keep you mind clear and positive, you can also used B complex drop to let you mind clear, before you meet with prospects you take one to two drop of B complex in you water or juice, that let you mind clear and strong. Don’t care if somebody is a Yes or a No, just want them to commit to a decision, so can move forward in Your business.

Second step get right for the Presentation

Make sure you get your prospect undivided attention for the time you need and be in a position to take the next step with you when you're setting up the appointment.
For example, never set up an appointment with someone off-the-cuff really quickly because let’s say they’re watching the business presentation at their kids soccer game and they’re in the middle of a ton of distractions and they really aren’t in a position to make an educated decision or take the next step.You want to make sure it’s at a time when your prospect can be able to watch the presentation, free of distractions and have the opportunity to make a decision right then and there!

Third step  the chit-chat First

Meet with people do not talk about business right the way.

Sometime when we get nervous or when we’re new to the Industry and we get in front of our prospects, we tend to talk a lot and it has nothing to do with business.  When you go into the business presentation, your have a process your follow and also know what to say to counteract the chit-chat while you're sharing your presentation. because, chit-chat will help you find out a starting point too.


About closing deal mindset 

Sales guru Zig Ziglar explains closing as part of the process, not a separate event. also, it can happen anytime during a conversation with a prospect.  When they see the value and how it will improve something in their life, it’s time to close the deal. Also, this makes the conversation itself much more important than listing features and benefits, handing them a brochure, or samples.  If you are working with a possible recruit, for example, have them picture how a network marketing venture will improve their financial lot. Also, ask them to tell you what they see. This gets them thinking for themselves about the value, instead of you telling them.  As we know, visualizing what we want motivates us.


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