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Sexual health concerns


When you have sex with someone, things don't always go as you planned it.  There may be a little problem here and there.  It may be your partner, it may be you.  It may be temporary, or it may be repetitive and long term.  Sexual health disorders are long lasting and are often related to sexual contact.  These problems often impact a person's life and his relationships in a negative way.

In different parts of the globe, an estimated two percent of the population each year approach general practitioners with questions and complaints regarding their sexual health.  Half of those people report...

B12 liquid let you Public Speaking great fun.

Feeling less confident when speaking in public? Here are some tips to boost your confidence in public speaking.

Tip no. 1. You should have eye contact with the audience all the time.

Tip no. 2. B12 let your just relax. You know now by heart what you intend to say. Just do it.

Tip no. 3. If you can, use visual aids. This could help the people listening to you understand more of what you want to say. They get your concepts in an instant. Keep your visual aids simple. If,...


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